A family-owned business, Vallarta Mexican Restaurant is dedicated to serving our customers and delivering the best mexican food. Try from an array of different Mexican cuisines such as the simple Quesadilla to some of our advanced and handcrafted meals like the Mickey Special.


Shredded Chicken QuesadillaFajita MariscadaMickey Special


About Us:

Owned and operated for over 4 years, Vallarta Mexican Restaurant and Bar has been constantly striving to give the best service and quality food to our customers. Our core combination to what makes our restaurants successful are food, service, and quality. We like freshly made food and we know that you do as well, so we make sure that everything is fresh. We strive to give the best service to our customers and as well give the best quality overall to ensure that our customers leave satisfied and full! We make sure that our customers are satisfied with the price they pay by the generous portion that we give. We are happy to be named as the 12th best mexican restaurant in the whole state of South Carolina.